The organizing board



Morvan Ouisse (FEMTO-ST, France)

General Chair

Olivier Bareille (LTDS – ECL, France)

General Co-Chair

Faouzi Lakrad (Morocco)

Regional Co-Chair - Morocco

Tahar Fakhakh (ENIS, Tunisia)

Regional Co-Chair - Tunisia

Jaime Domínguez Abascal (Spain)

Regional Co-Chair - Spain

Nicolas Peyret

Organizing Committee Co-Chair - Treasurer


The conference is supported by 6 international associations:

AIEM Spanish Association of Mechanics,

SEA Spanish Association of Acoustics,

AFM French Association for Mechanics,

SFA-GVB Vibroacoustic group of the French Society of Acoustics,

AMVA Moroccan Association for Acoustics and Vibrations,

ATAVI Tunisian association for Acoustics and Vibrations.




The event is hosted by the Higher Technical School of Engineering (University of Sevilla).escula_Sevilla_1.png



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